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This week it’s a bit of a fan favourite…Spy Jazz, all spy tunes from across the globe and Jason Whiton from Spyvibe.com joins us to talk about Spycatcher plus our look at Lounge Life magazine and I go deep with another random thought.





Lalo Schifrin-Mission Impossible

Alex Khaskin-Bond The Spy

Shunji Kanō-Spycatcher

Spy Fi-Black Tie Spy  

Hollywood Film Music-Body Language

Robby Poitevin-Amore All Italiana

Huge Montenegro-Theme From I Spy

Robert Short -Baracuda Smile

Robby Poitevin-The Syndicate

Roland Shaw Theme From The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

Si Zentner-James Bond Theme

Swingerhead-She Could Be A Spy

Skip Heller’s Hot Seven-Spy Perfume

Beat Generation-Spytime

Jim Beuning-The Mission

Kenny Sasaki-Jill The Spy

Combustible Edison-Spy Vs Spy

Bruno Nicolai-Spy Chase

Dan Stein-Spy Groove

Nicolas Godin-Au Service De La France

Evenings At The Penthouse Cheesy Lines

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A cheesy line can get you a long way.


Dave Miller Trio- You Don't Know What Love Is

Dave Miller Trio- The Masquerade is Over

Bill Evans- Alice in Wonderland

Chet Baker - I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face

Tiki Delights- Cocktail Time

Dave Gillespie- Round Midnight

Rope- Django

Monica Raney-Why Did I Choose You

James Morrison-Nice and Easy

James Spencer-For All We Know

Richard Lennox - September In The Rain

Bill Evans-My Funny Valentine

Evening At The Penthouse- Crazy In The Penthouse

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Just what does unbuttoned look like in the penthouse?



Dave Trolley- Cocktail Jazz

Nathan Haines- Cocktails 

Relaxing Piano Crew- Less Alone

James Spencer-The Start of Our Affair

Jack Jezzro- Black Orpheus (feat. Mason Embry Trio)

Dizzy Gillespie-Cocktails For Two

Beegie Adair-Our Love Is Here To Stay

Teo Macero-For a Walkin' Bass

Jimmy Vargas- Cocktail Noir

Thelonious Monk- Round Midnight

Chet Baker- Easy Living

Oscar Peterson-Exactly Like You

Stan Getz-Penthouse Serenade

Bill Evan- Soirée

Peggy Lee-Black Coffee

Beat Generation-Flute Cocktail

Greencastle Homer-After Dinner

Cocktail Inn-Days Of Wine And Roses

Evenings At The Penthouse-The Pleasure Of Driving

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I heard someone talking excitedly about self driving cars and I thought to myself...why? If you don't like driving then you are clearly driving the wrong car!


Sammy Davis Jr -the Show Of Your Smile

Dexter Gordon-Stairway to The Stars

Ellias Maralis-Never Let Me Go

Cannonball Aderly-Love For Sale

Freedie Roach-Pastel

James Spencer-the Scarlet Hour

Bill Conti Cocktails

Michel Le Grand=The Thomas Crown Affair

Network Music ensemble-centre Stage

Reckless Night Ensemble-Naked City

Dorris Day0-Meditation

Sean Smith Quartet-Minor Peace

Roger Davidson Trio -Fico Feliz


Words With Wellsy-Wolfman Jack

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Mr Garry Wells joins us this week for his regular segment of book recommendations and this week we talk about to a legend of radio and a man who inspired me to become a broadcaster, we are talking about Wolfman Jack.


New music from the Tiki Delights, James Spencer plus swank advice on a gadget you probably have never heard of, a look at lounge life magazine and I have another deep thought for you.





The SG Sound- Sirens Of Venus

Ellington Hawk- Beatnik

Tiki Delights- Planters Punch

James Spencer-Love letters

George Dunning- Zodiac Serenade

Beat Generation- Spy Time

Frank Bennett- One for Monk

Duke Ellington-Anatomy Of A Murder 

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy- Cruel Spell

Narco Lounge Combo- The Palms

Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet-I Love Lucy

Clouseaux- Paraiso

Tom Gaebel- Hey Look Me Over

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