Evenings At The Penthouse-Laid Back and Relaxed

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Casualness and cool...they go hand in hand.


Robert Irving -Octobre

Antonio Carlos Jobim-Favela

George shearing-If I Should Lose You

Henri Mancini- Blue Satin

Les Baxter -A Taste Of Honey

Michelle Lordi-I Fall In Love To Easy

Diana Krall-Dream

Garry Peacock-When I Fall In Love

Kurt Rosenwinkel- You Go To My Head

Angelo Badalamenti-Freshly Squeezed

Frank Bennett-Love Carefully

Larry Gelb-The Love Song Of Ian Ops

Jane Hutton-Day By Day

Oscar Peterson-Nice Work If You Can Get It

Les Baxter-Pool Of Love

Evenings At The Penthouse-Hip

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I'm not afraid to say it, I am a purveyor of Hip.


Ana Gasteeyer-I’m Hip

Barney Mcall- Nectar Spur

Don Burrows-The Living Ocean

Gilberto and Getz- The Girl from Ipanema

Kate Cebrano- Skylark

Bill Evans- Waltz for Debby

Chet Baker- I'm Old Fashioned

Jackie Gleason- A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody

Miles Davis- Someday My Prince Will Come

Shirley Scott- Like Young

Spyvibe-M Squad

Posted in DefaultTag by cocktailnation on September 3rd, 2022

Jason Whiton returns with another Spy segment direct from Spyvibe.com and this week looking at the M Squad.

Also this week we are spinning songs with a dark edgy noir feel





Mark Doyle-Noir Alley

Stanley Wilson -The Search

Stanley Wilson-The Chase

James Spencer-Nocturne In C Major

Brent Laidler-Meet Me At The Havana Hilton

Lalo Schifrin-Rio After Dark

Jetset Sweden-A Shot In The Dark

Art Van Damme Quintet-Dark Eyes

Denis Solee-Body Heat

Adam Smalle-Night Drive

Angelo Badalamenti-Freshly Squeezed

Dan Rose-Body an Soul

Chet Baker-Born To Be Blue

Evenings At The Penthouse-Life Of A Lounge Lothario

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Koop says why worry, spin that wheel and see what happens.


Laura Wells-Quiet Storm

Oscar Pettiford-The Gentle Art Of Love

Billy Jones-The Call

Ori Dagan-Complexion

Brent Ladler-Downtown By Nine

Steve Slagle-Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to Dry

Gerry Mulligan -Polka Dots And Moonbeams

Rachel Caswell-For All We Know

David Baker- 25th And Martindale

Marlene Ver Plank- Where Can I go Without you

Judi Silvano-If I Had You

Evenings At The Penthouse-A Message

Posted in DefaultTag by cocktailnation on August 31st, 2022

Once I was walking along a beach and I found a bottle, I rubbed the bottle and a genie popped out....to my surprise her name was Jeanie and she had long blond hair and called me Master. She offered me three wishes and I said I want a world without lawyers. 

Jeanie said  "Done. That concludes your wishes."
I yelled "But you said I have 3 wishes?"

Jeanie replied  'Sue me".



Fred Jacobs- If You Could See Me Now

Chet Baker-Look For the Silver Lining

Virginia Schenck-Another World

Plas Johnson-Mean to Me

Janice Borla Group You Dont know what love is

John Finbury-All The Way To The End

Nathan Haines- Lament

Bobby Christian - Blue Star

Bill Evans- What Is This Thing Called Love

George Shearing-Insensitive

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