Cocktail Nation 342 NEW -Jetset Unlimited

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on January 31st, 2015

Cocktail Nation 342 Jetset Unlimited

This week we kick off a swank 2015 with Steve Greaves from the SG sound who has a new project and its called Jetset Unlimited.
We'll take a look at the world of swank and a few happenings while I have been on vacation including the loss of some big names and some names you might not have heard of before.

David Carbonara-Don The Man
Ricki Derek-Sunny
Jetset Unlimited Man From Uncle
Bill Evans -Beautiful Love
Combustible Edison- Lonelyville
Project Pimento-Fever
Ann Richards-An Occasional Man
Marlene Ver Planck -The Way You Look Tonight
Tiki Lounge Crew-Martini Sunset
Beegie Adair-In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
Billy May-Mission Impossible
Esquivel-I Get A Kick Out Of You
Laurindo Almeida-The Look Of Love
Judi Silvano-You Don’t Know What Live Is
James Morrison The Play Off

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Cocktail Nation Best Of Shows-Sam Butera

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on January 24th, 2015
Tonight, we take a look at the life of the recently departed Sam Butera with a special interview recorded back stage with Sam in 1999. I've got another track of the latest Tikiyaki Orchestra album, and news from the Martini Kings.

I’ve been out record collecting again and found some fantastic original albums in the record bins of charity stores to play for you soon.

Cy Coleman ~ Playboys Theme
Dom Halpin ~ Out Of The Blue
Sam Butera ~ Dig That Crazy Chick
Jackie Gleason ~ Temptation
Martini Kings ~ Because of You
Arthur Lyman ~ Carabunta
Sylvia Telles ~ Discussao
Cocktail Angst ~ Rhumba Of The Saints
Tikiyaki Orchestra ~ Makaha
Fisherman ~ Hell Toupee
Kava Kon ~ Chinese Surfer
The SG Sound ~ I Feel the Earth Move
Octobop ~ Hugged your Martian Today
Richard Cheese ~ Spiderman
Jack Constanzo ~ Young Man With a Horn
Pete King ~ The Height Of The Spy Season

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Cocktail Nation Best Of Shows-Fedora Chronicles

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on January 18th, 2015
This week we talk to the webmaster of one of the most fascinating retro websites and forums in the world, I’ve got another new track from the upcoming orchestrotica album for you to enjoy and a fabulous niche book publisher that I think you will find some great books for your library or to give to your retro scene friends.

We’ll head up to the Cocktail Nation blogsphere with another cool blog, plus there’s the look at the world of swank.

Blue Martini's-Hershey

 Bar Frank Bennett-Been Caught Stealin

The Three Suns- Fever

 Arthur Lyman- Leis of Jazz

Mr Ho's Orchestrotica- Boulevard Of Broken dreams

 Combustible Edison Blue Light

Frank Sinatra-     Dream Your Dreams Away 

James Bond and His Sextet- Goldfinger

 Waitiki 7 Sacha-cha

 Bobby Darin- A Taste of Honey

 Les Baxter- Coronation 

Shagxotica- Crandall Meets His Match 

Tiki Joes Ocean -Alegre

 Xavier Cugat- La Dolce Vita 

Martini Kings-Cuchy Frito Man

 Jo Basile and His Accordian Orch - Mack The Knife

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Cocktail Nation Best Of Shows- Vince Guaraldi

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on January 11th, 2015

This week talking about the great jazz artist Vince Guaraldi who many might remember from the Peanut cartoon, well he was a whole lot more than that so we will talk to an author who has written a book all about his life, we have some news from across the globe and the best parties to attend with lots of things to include in the diary.

Adam Smale Blues To Yous

Robert Hicks  Pete Rugolo That Was The End Of Me

Vince Guaraldi Cast Your Fate To The Wind

Narco Lounge Combo Taboo

Nathan Haines Cocktails

Carol Fredette You Better Go Now

Nat King Cole Lush Life

Martin Denny Jungle Flower

Robert Drasnin Tahitian Dreams

Tony  Mottola San Jose

Doris Day Desifinado

Tiki Lounge Crew Bikini Bambini

New Gary Burton Quartet- Did you get it

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Cocktail Nation 232 Loungin Bachelor Pad Movies The Apartment

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on January 4th, 2015

On the show this week we head back to the movies with Kramer to talk about loungin bachelor pad movies and this week we explore the 1960 film The Apartment, got some Bond news for you plus an interesting email from a listener along with the best classic and new lounge and exotica from across the globe.

Frank Bennett Your just too hip baby

Halford Jetset Taboo

Knightsbridge Theme from the Apartment

Melody Gardot Mira

John Barry 7 James Bond Theme

Blossum Dearie Manhatten

Martini Kings Fly Me To The Moon

Shagxotica The Ghost of Augie Colon

Neal Hefti Cool Blue

Grace Knight It Ain't Necessarily So

Walter Wanderly The Lonely One

Pink Martini Mayonaka No Bossa Nova

Morton Gould Speak Low

Don Ralke Blue Moon

Wynton Marsalis Loose Duck

Laurie Allyn Take Me In Your Arms

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