Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse -Spring Bouquet

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on June 5th, 2018

Who doesn't like flowers? Well I guess those with allergies, that said I am yet to meet a woman who

doesn't like them ! 

This week a show programmed or perhaps it could be described as a floral arrangement by James

Spencer all with a flower theme!


Astrud Gilberto-Misty Roses

Jack Wilson-Night Flower 

Julie London-Bouquet of Blues 

Jack Jones-Lolipops and Roses

Bob Thiele and his New Happy Times Orch -Forest Flower 

Martin Denny-Black Orchid 

Waitki 7-Sweet Pikake Serenade

Les Baxter and his Orchestra -Artificial Flowers

Johnny Hartman-Violets For Your Furs 

Oscar Peterson-Amaryllis

James Spencer-Columbine from Nightfall 

101 Strings-Flowers in Your Hair

Julie London-The Days of Wine and Roses 

Bobby Troup and His All Stars Tip Toe through the Tulips

Walter Schumann and his Singers-Orchids In the Moonlight

Dave Stryker -Passion flower 


Cocktail Nation 490-Spyvibe-Jerry Cotton

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on June 3rd, 2018

Cocktail Nation  490-SpyVibe-Jerry Cotton


Talking Spies with Jason Whiton and his monthly special from and this week Jerry Cotton, the world of swank gig guide and imagine losing your classic car while it’s parked on the side of the road, I have a story that will inspire hate for Corolla drivers and those who text and drive.



Martini Kings- Time To Move On

EJ Decker-Blue Velvet

Peter Thomas: Schüsse aus dem Geigenkasten (Suite 6 & 2).

Tiki Lounge Crew- Copa Del Mar

Dave Pell Octet-Mikes Peak

Stan Whitmire- Somewhere In Time

Oscar Pettiford-Sextette

Lounge Brigade-Don’t Speak


Octobop- El Gaucho

Joey Altruda-Prado Party

Hugo Montenegro-Solo’s Samba

Robert Drasnin-Kahlula Mist

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy -She’s gone

Ixtahuele-Temple Of The Snake God



Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse - What’s in a Title

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on May 31st, 2018

Have you aver been tempted to give yourself a Title when filling out a form? I know I have and I often do. According to the DMV I was knighted in 1998, but hey, who is it going to care.


EJ Decker-When You Walked In The Room

Jetset Sweden-A Man And A Woman

Lounge Brigade-Under My Voodoo

Tom Bruner-Come Rain Or Come Shine

Martini Kings-Nothing But Time

Leith Stevens-Destination Moon-Escape From The Moon

Nelson Riddle-You’re Mine You

Dave Pell Octet- I had The Craziest Dream

Mantovani-Story Of Three Loves

Miles Davies-All Blue

Octobop-Very Early

Joey Altruda-Playboys Theme

Les Baxter-Nightingale


Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse -Soundscape Orchestral Bliss 2

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Once again referencing he book by James Spencer called Soundscape we dive into some more honey for the ears!


John Buzon Trio- Ill Wind

Russ Garcia -Water Creature

Frank Comstock-Galaxy

Harry Revel-The Ardent Night

Otto Cesana-You're So Wonderful

Al Caiola-Underwater Chase

Bobby Christian-Blue Star

Tiki Lounge Crew-Martini Nova

Rod Goodwin-Playtime On Pluto

Les Baxter-Flight Concerto

Billy May And His Orchestra-This Room Is My Castle Of Quiet

Joe Loco-Nightmare

Ferrante & Teicher-Barbarella

Tommy Flanagan -Velvet Moon

Leith Stevens-Escape From The Moon

Percy Faith-Nightingale

Bob Thompson-Hey Playboy

Mantovani- April In Portugal

101 Strings -Beautiful Dreamer

Sir Julian-Movin At Midnight


Cocktail Nation 489-The Lost World

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Talking classic movies with Kramer this week and an interesting one in that we take a look at a silent film for a bit of a difference.

We take a look at a rather special car, a  Zero Type Jag, A story from the night Sinatra died and one of the largest Latin collections has been unleashed to the public.


Lounge Bridge -Under My Voodoo

Martini Kings- A Deadly Vice

City Of Prague-Lost In Space

David Carbonara-Bunnys Bop

Jack-Bongo Burger-Jordu

Nathan Haines-Cocktails

Jerry Wiggins-Concerto For Love

Bobby Darin -I Can’t Believe

Sharps-Days Of Wine And Roses

Skip Heller -The Collector            

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Night Of The Jaguar

Ken Greaves-The Night We Called It A Day

Adam Smalle-Blues To Yous

Mancini-Moon River Cha Cha Cha

Rene Touzet-Elephant Walk

Janet Seidel-Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

Buddy Greco-Keep The Lovin Feeling

Les Baxter-The Breeze And I


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