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This week Jason Whiton from Spyvibe.com is back talking all things fictional espionage,  we lost a couple of giants of the music and movie industry so we will bring you a little tribute plus of course the best spy fi from across the globe




Kenny Sasaki-Jill The Spy.

Alex Khaskin-Bond the Spy.

John Barry: Vendetta

John Barry: The Danny Scipio Theme

Beat Generation-Spy Time

Martini Kings-You Only Live Twice

Robert Short-Countdown In Kenya

Chaquito And His Orchestra- I Spy

Jimmy Smith -Mission Impossible

Bruno Nicolai-Spy Chase

Gino Conte-Afro swing 

Warner Chappell Productions-Spy Royale

Spy Fi-Reid's Situation

Moonrays-Run Spy Run

Piero Piccioni-New York By Night 

Combustible Edison-Spy Vs Spy

Swinger Head -She Could Be A Spy

Armando Trovaioli-Una storia di notte 

Hugo Montenegro- Goldfinger.