Spyvibe-Public Eye

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on March 30th, 2019


Jason Whiton is back from spyvibe.com to talk about Public Eye, we have some new stations taking the cocktail nation, a look at the world of swank gig guide with a stack of gigs on the agenda and  

In dear Koop a new subscriber has written to me 





Stefon Harris-Sophistry

Kent Miller Quartet-The Cat

Robert Sharpies-Public Eye

Three Suns -Fever

Enoch Light-Swamp Fire

Pink Martini-Tempo Perdido

O Som Do Jazz-Batucada

Sir Julien-Dansero 

Clouseux-Search For A Vulcan

Codename Carter -Muhamat’s Vault

Jimmy Vargas-Dahlia’s Web

Franco Altissimi-Lounge Bossa 

Octobop- Jazz Goes To Shiwash

Billy May -Perfidia


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