Spyvibe-Lupin The Third

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on June 1st, 2019

There are Spies about on this issue of the Cocktail Nation as Jason Whiton from SpyVibe.com returns with his monthly segment…in dear Koop a question about a famous song plus how much bond is too much Bond.





Jennifer Keith-A Taste Of Honey 

Cocktail Angst-Ecstatically Mine

Naruyoshi Kikuchi-The Woman Called Fujiko-1

Robby Poitevin- Amore all Italiana

Strings Unlimited-Madonna

Cal Trader-Goodbye

Tiki Torches-Miserlou

Intoxika- Gold Lame

James Spencer -Nocturnal Tangier

Jetset Sweden-A Man And A Woman

Martini Kings -A Deadly Vice

Octobop-Playboys Theme

Wayne Wallace -El Arroyo

Royal Crown Revue-Datin With No Dough

Buddy Greco- Once In Love With Amy

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