Spy Vibe -Phantom Agents Part 2

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on March 28th, 2020


As we live through what seems like 1929 all over again we bring you music and fun on the Cocktail Nation so if you are feeling a little despondent we will try and bring you up again with the lounge and tiki tunes and a little bit of surf and a retro feel that hopefully will make us feel better. On the show this week Jason Whiton from Spyvibe.com brings us Phantom Agents Part 2.




Ricki Derek- I Melt With You

Stereophonic  Space Sound Unlimited- Night Of The Jaguar

Chumei Watanabe-Thunderbolt

Chumei Watanabe-Invitation to Hell

Chumei Watanabe-Breakout

Coachella Valley Trio- Stranger In Paradise

Frank Bennett- Post Impressions

Martini Kings- A Lot Of Livin To Do

Mr Ho's Orchestrotica- Night And Day

Narco Lounge Combo- Music For Ice Rinks

Out Of Abingdon- Three Piece Suit

Tiki Delights-Fashionably Late Again

James Spencer- What I Did For Love

Martini Heaven- Tangonova

John Eric Booth- I Love You

John Di Martino- Johnny Come Lately

Pink Martini- And Then You're Gone

Waitiki 7- Voodoo Love

Project Pimento- Peter Gunn

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