Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on February 15th, 2020


And here we are back again for week two of the season and Kramer is back to talk about a film we didn’t get to talk about due to it’s late release here in Australia and that is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood which is now out on Netflix, we continue with more new music this week from some bands that got in touch over the break.




Augie Colon-Primitiva

Ixtahuele-Ili Pika

Baby Grand - Azure

Mustard Alegro-How To Get To The Top Of The Stairs In Ten Easy Steps

M-Squad- Mission Impossible

Mattias Uneback- Starfish

Unexotic- Misirlou

Mitch and Mitch - Samba Goes On.

Tiki Torches-Green Fire

Kenny Sasaki- The Undercover Man

Christopher Hollyday- Paid Time Off

The Sharps- From Russia With Love

Virginia Schenck- Blue Monk

Pat Longo- Come What May

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