Evenings At The Penthouse -Up In Smoke

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on November 12th, 2019

Tonight a show that is all about that dirty habit!



Robert Farnon and His Orchestra -Two Cigarettes in The Dark

Jackie Gleason and His Orchestra -By The Fireside 

Les Baxter and His Orchestra -Ritual Fire Dance

Carmen Cavallaro -Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Beegie Adair -Don’t Smoke In Bed

Annie Ross -My Old Flame

April Ames-Smoke Rings

Eliane Elias-Light My Fire

Les Baxter and His Orchestra and Chorus-Flame Tree

Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66-Slow Hot Wind

Serge Gainsbourg-Les Cigarillos

Chet Baker-Smog

Judy Wexler-It’s Only Smoke

Voodoo Organist-It’s Smokey

Dawan Muhummed-Smoke Signals

Black Olive Jazz-Slow Hot Wind

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