Evenings At The Penthouse-Foggy and Misty Weather

Posted in DefaultTag by cocktailnation on September 8th, 2020

Make sure you put your high beams on and have you got your London Fog Overcoat ready? 


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Julie London-A Foggy Day

Nancy Steele-Lost in a Fog

Chet Baker-Grey December

Joe Bushkin-I Cover the Waterfront

Nancy Wilson Night Mist

Octobop-Blue Mist from Night Lights (2002)

Leo Arnaud-In a Mist

Phil More-Misty Moon Blues

James Spencer-Misty” from Noir (2018)

Bobby Hammock-Foggy mist

Astrid Gilberton-Misty Roses

The Hellers—The Mist of Time

Wayne Wallace-In A Mist

George Shearing-Long Ago And Far Away

Daniel Pemberton-Red Mist

Jackie Gleason-A Foggy Day In London Town

Frank Sinatra-London By Night

Tony Bennett-I Left My Heart In SanFrancisco

Robert Drasnin-Kahluha Mist

Sue Raney-Rain

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