Evenings At The Penthouse-Dim The Lights

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on May 21st, 2020

In the theatre they dim the lights to tell you something is about to start...it's probably the same in other areas of life!



 David Carbonara- Lights Out

 Lyn Stanley- After The Lights Go Down Low

 Melanchrino Strings - Soft Lights And Sweet Music

Angela Hagenbach-Quietly There

Annita Ray-Slow Glow

Beegie Adair-Moonglow

Frances Bergen- Soft Lights and Sweet Music

George Shearing- A Handful of Stars

Gerry Mulligan- Night Lights

Robert Farnon-By Candlelight

Singers Unlimited- So Many Stars

Julie London- Dark 

Marty Paich- Dusk Light

Robert Farnon-By Candlelight

Stacey Kent- The Changing Lights

Vic Damone- When Lights Are Low

Mel Henke- Let's Put Out the Lights

Monica Ramey-I'll Close My Eyes 

Pam Garner-The Lamp Is Low

Stacey Kent- The Changing Lights 

Vic Damone- When Lights Are Low

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