Evenings At The Penthouse-Careless Or Selfish?

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on December 19th, 2019

I'll let you be the judge!



Jeff Goldblum with Mildred Snitzer-My Baby Just Cares For Me

Warren Wolf-Bags Groove

Denise Donatelli-When Lights Are Low

Beegie Adair-Autumn In New York

Milt Jackson-So In Love

Rebecca DuMaine-Yesterday

Kristin Chenowith-Turquoise Cloud

Ran Blake and Laika-Driftwood

Janet Seidel-Always something there to Remind Me

Vivian Lee-Didn't We

Allen Austin Bishop-Alfie

Ann Hampton Callaway-Love Dance

Wayne Powers-When Your Lover Has Gone

Jared Gold-She’s Leaving Home

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