Posted in DefaultTag by cocktailnation on June 8th, 2021

Tonights show celebrates the achievement of Men, yes unashamedly Manly and all our greatness!


Vicki Benet-The Boy Next Door

Renee Raff -Mad About The Boy

Janet Blair-The Gentleman is a Dope

Julie London-Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man

Billie Holiday -I Got  A Man Crazy For Me

Lola Albright-He’s My Guy

Toni Harper-He Was a Man

 Diana Ross-My Man

Gene Howard-Lover Man

Roger William-This Guy’s In Love With You

Lainie Kazan-The Man That Got Away

Linda Carone-So Many Beautiful Men

Carole Simpson-My Gentleman Friend

David Carbonara-Men Of Sterling Cooper

James Darren Town Boy 

Shirley Horn-The Man You Were 

Walter Wanderly A Man and a Woman

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