SpyVibe- Fantomas

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on March 2nd, 2019

Cocktail Nation 515 SpyVibe- Fantomas

Jason Whiton from spyvibe.com joins me on the show once again for 2019, in Dear Koop we answer Ken from Californias dating question, plus a look at the world of swank




Ricki Derek-Night And Day

Metrolites-Banana République

Raymond Alessandrini-Theme De Fantomas

Doug Wood-Superspy

Robert Short-Going Solo

Jayne Mansfield-Too Hot Too Handle

Christopher De Groot-Underwater Trance

Howard Shore-Ed Wood Theme

Bobby Darin-I’ll Remember April

James Spencer-Quiet Village

Les Baxter Brasil

Octobop -The Wind

Ellington Hawk-Harlem Nocturne

JM Van Eaton- Beat Nik

Swingerhead-Pick Up the Phone

Nutty-Same Old Scat And Song

Cocktail Nation 515 SpyVibe- Fantomas

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