Cocktail Nation Evening At The Penthouse-Exotica

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on July 11th, 2017

The tiki tunes are out this week as Kooper relaxes on a tropical island so he figured why not spin the exotica tracks and it's even more relaxing because James Spencer did all the work programming the show. Cheers to you Jimmy Jazz


“Oasis of Dahkla” from Tamboo! (1956) Les Baxter
“The Mysterious Jade Temple of Dahkla” from Exotica (2017) James Spencer
“Swamp Fire” from Afro-Desia (1959) Martin Denny
“Moorean Moonbeams” from Voodoo II (2007) Robert Drasnin
“Stone Gods of Bimini” from Pagan Rites (2007) Ixtahuele
“Voodoo Dreams” from Bahia (1959) Arthur Lyman
“Return to Paradise” from Polynesian Fantasy (1961) Out-Islanders
“Strange Enchantment” from Tropical Magic (1959) Korla Pandit
“Taita Inty” from Voice of the Xtabay (1950) Yma Sumac
“River of Dreams” from The Music of Les Baxter (1963) Don Tiare
“Manila” from Adventures in Paradise (2009) Waitiki 7
“My Isle of Golden Dreams” from Sea of Dreams (1958) Nelson Riddle
“Wild Orchids” from Wild Orchids 1964) Rex Kona
“Quiet Village” from Exotica (2017) James Spencer

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