Cocktail Nation 495- James Morrison Midnight Till Dawn

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on July 7th, 2018



Joined this week by Sydney jazz musician to talk about his new album Midnight Till Dawn. Turns out

one listener thinks I am shouting at clouds plus we see what is hppening in the world of Swank Gig

Guide and lounge life magazine.


Daniel Pemberton-Moog Necklace

Neal Hefti-City Style

James Morrison-Out Of Nowhere

Miles Davis and John Coltrane I Want To Talk To You About

Lee Preston-Two Points Up

The Sharps -Odd Couple

Nutty-Jive Barracuda

Martini Kings-Goodbye To Lonely Town   

Art Van Damme-Glory Of Love

David Carbonara-Elevator Gossip

Piero Piccioni-Spiral Waltz

Jerry Goldsmith -You Are A Foolish Man Mr Flint

John Barry-On Her Majestys Secret Service

Tony Bennett-This Can’t Be Love