Bond and Friends

Posted in DefaultTag by cocktailnation on February 14th, 2021


All Bond this week and the people inspired by him plus some experts on Spy Tv and movies stop by along with those inspired by 007

Warner Chappell-Disavowed

Vic Flick- For Your Eyes Only

John Barry- The James Bond Theme

Shirley Basey- Diamonds Are Forever

Floyd Cramer-Casino Royale

Count Bassie- From Russia With Love

Elliot Fisher-Dr. No's Fantasy

Sir Julian-Thunderball

Robert Short -Cairo Connection 

Swingerhead-She Could Be a Spy

Vicki Carr- The Silencers

Codename Carter-Signal in The Noise

Roland Shaw-Ipcress File

Spy fi- Black Tie Spy

David Arnold -Vesper

Hugo Montenegro-Get Smart Theme

John Barry-On Her Majestys Secret Service

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