Best of Best 2022

Posted in DefaultTag by cocktailnation on November 12th, 2022


Well it’s been an interesting year as rattled out of covid and slowly the new releases in both music and books came flooding back. It’s also been a year of passings more on that soon. This is our best of the best for 2022



Swongos -Mr Poles Revenge 

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited -The Flawless Ms Drake

Tiki Delights-Sneaky Tiki Spy

The Martini Kings -The Enchanted Sea

Daniel Pemberton I Spy 

Narco Lounge Combo Pop 70 Alphaville

Theodore Shapiro -Labour Of Love

Kenny Sasaki-Hypnotized

Laura Ainsworth -GoldFinger

David Benoit a Midnight Rendezvous 

Thee Millionaire-Fraulein Doktor

Angelika -Once Upon a Time-Pure Imagination

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