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Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-Dinner In Chinatown

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on October 9th, 2017


We're heading to Chinatown for a spot of dinner then it's back to the Penthouse for a nightcap!


Jackie Gleason-On a Slow Boat to China


Chopsticks- Les Baxter (live)


Harry Breuer-Chinese Doll 


Waitiki 7 -L’heure chinois” 


James Spencer-Shanghai Tragedy


Les Baxter-Shanghai Rickshaw


Kenyon Hopkins-China Town


Hi Los-China Town My China Town


Warren Barker-Junk City Hong Kong


Martha Raye-Lotus Land


James Spencer-Rush Hour in Hong Kong


Anita Darian- Chinese Lullaby 


Marko Polo Adventurers -Night Of The Tiger


Martin Denny -Bangkok Cockfight


Mancini -Far East Blues


Marlene Deplank -So Many People


Voodoo Organist -It’s Smokey


Les Baxter-Hong Kong Cable Car


Cocktail Nation 466 -Another Story

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on October 7th, 2017


Some new music this week from Brisbane lounge band Out Of Abingdon, we take a look at the passing of playboys Hugh Hefner and we look at some JFK files that are due to be released



Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited-Night Of The Jaguar

Tiki Torches-Miserlou

Out Of Abingdon-What Kind Of Life

Lynn Stanley-How Insensitive

Hugo Montenegro- Malaguena

Mancini-Playboys Theme

Bob Ferrell-Yardbird Suite

Jetset Sweden-Music To Watch Girls By

Alex Khaskin- Austen Powers

Roland Remington- M’gambo Mambo

David Rose-The Runaway

June Christy-The Merriest

Mr Ho’s Orchestrotica-Frenesi




Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse-When People Change

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on October 4th, 2017

Some things stay the same and some things change, for me it's subtle change but change nonetheless.

Lyn Stanley -You’ve Changed

Out Of Abingdon- Change It

Bill Evans-Body And Soul

Nelson Riddle-The Joy Of Living

Robert Irving-Octobre

Sue Raney-Something Cool

Lou Donaldson-Blues Walk

Frankie Laine-I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good

Lee Morgan-These Are Soulful Days

Wynton Kelly-Portrait Of  Jenny


Cocktail Nation Evenings At The Penthouse- Blue

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on October 2nd, 2017

With all the trouble in the world it's easy to feel blue when you turn on the news and hear of a terrible masacre in Vegas, do I feel Blue today, well yes. So lets dim the lights and tune out the horrible and embrace the blue for a little while with songs all about blue.


Aaron Diehl-Blue Bode

Jackie Gleason-Beyond The Blue Horizon

Howard Roberts-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea

Kenyon Hopkins-Am I Blue

Diana Krall-Almost Blue

Joe Jackson -Abes Blues

Jonah Jones-Blue Danube Rock

Milt Raskin-Blue Eyes

New Morty Show-Blue Martini

Henry Mancini-Blue Mantila

Tony Bennett-Blue Moon

Beegie Adair-Blue Skies

Les Baxter Blue Tango

Art Pepper-Walkin out blues


Cocktail Nation 465 -This Retro Life

Posted in bachelor pad by cocktailnation on September 30th, 2017


I found a cool retro podcast to enjoy so we will have a chat to the host of This Retro Life with Kia Handley…in Swank Advice icebreakers for the holiday season


Left Arm Of Buddha-A Monkeys Affair

Rebecca Angel-Jetset Samba

Benny Carter and Oscar Peterson-Imagination

Black Olive jazz- A Night In Tunisia

Neal Hefti - Cherry Point

Mancini-Young Love

David Carbonara-Twenty Third Floor

Alex Khaskin- Mister Bond

Johnny Mandel-Nightmare Sequence

Bobby Group-I Can’t Get Started

John Coltrane -Afro Blue

Machiniso-Percusso Frenzy



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